Whew it finally cooled down a bit in Duluth

Most of us Minnesotan’s aren’t used to hot weather, so the near 100 degree, fire breathing, heat wave that blew through Duluth this week, is not missed by this blogger.  Thank goodness Canal Park Lodge has air conditioning or I may have jumped in the lake. We do have a beautiful pebble beach just out our back patio.  Very tempting.  If you’ve never been to Duluth, MN, or even if you have, you may not know just how amazing and unique Lake Superior’s beaches are just down the road or up the shore.  From outcropping cliffs, to rolling rock, to white sandy beaches (you’ll swear you’re in the tropics).  Just a short drive, or a decent walk across the lift bridge and you’ll find miles of fine sandy beaches.  Sand castle heaven!

Lake Superior Beach

Come visit us and see for yourself. Sure the water temperature won’t remind you of your mediterranean vacation, but it sure feels good to this Minnesotan.

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